• Gokarna Singh Thapa
    Founder and CEO

    Gokarna Singh Thapa

    I was born in a small village in the Himalayas. As a youth, I would see tourists visiting our area, and I was always curious to know where they came from. When they showed me a world map, I understood that they had travelled many kilometers just to get here. This amazed me. For years, I treasured a dream of someday working in tourism where I could introduce my country to the world, and in turn, I could discover the world.

    In creating the travel agency Alaya Holidays, I realized my dream of offering to our visitors an exploration of my culture, spontaneous encounters, excursions to our sacred sites, and walks among our prestigious mountains. I also realized that, aside from being a trekker, there are infinite discoveries to be unveiled in Nepal. This understanding was very revealing for me, and opened my eyes on what I can now propose to those who come to meet us.

    My studies included courses in French at the Alliance Française, and training in international cuisine at the Chef Association of Nepal. Two years were spent in France, specifically in Normandy and Chamonix, where I was involved in the restaurant business. Presently, I alternate working as a cook in Canada, with accompanying travellers who wish to visit Nepal. With my passion for cooking, I take them to savour our Nepalese cuisine, or I prepare the specialities myself! Being close to people, sharing time with them, seeing them happy and open to discovery, is for me a trip’s cocktail of success.

  • Raj Singh Thapa
    Managing Director

    Raj Singh Thapa

    At the Tribhuvan University of Katmandu, I studied finance and management to acquire the skills to operate a business. Extracurricularly, I trained as a trekking guide. This two-fold education lead me to balance the administration of our travel agency, and to cultivate customer relations. There is such pleasure in travelling with our visitors, to see them happy and surprised by what they have accomplished during their stay. Unforgettable bonds of affection and confidence get established between us.

    My French classes at the Alliance Française in Katmandu revealed the cultural differences in our ways of thinking, acting and reacting. This learning allowed me to integrate several levels of understanding, without forgetting who I am, where I come from, and who I am addressing. A stay in France helped me to appreciate  this even more. 

    At Alaya, we combine happiness and work, with an attention to each of our team members and to our travellers. With an open mind, we work enthusiastically to promote both our country and other countries too. The world reveals itself to us, and in kind, we reveal ourselves to the world.

  • Tulasi Ram Puri
    Tour & Trekking Guide

    Tulasi Ram Puri

    Trekking and tour guide Tulasi Ram Puri joined Alaya Holiday in 2017 and has since continued to be an essential member of the team. He has visited nearly all of Nepal's popular trekking destinations throughout the course of his career as a guide, including Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, and more. He has a lot of expertise in the area. His goal is to give his customers a safe, culturally interesting vacation while making sure that they have wonderful memories of Nepal.

    History and art have always been her passions, both in theory and practice. His Master's in Sociology degree has given him a deeper understanding of the locations he usually travels to with his customers. Being enthusiastic and upbeat by nature, he delights in communicating with individuals from all over the world. He has previously traveled to several European nations and is well-versed in their "savoir-vivre."

  • Tika Ram Puri
    Tour Guide

    Tika Ram Puri

    Tika Ram Puri was born in the valley of Mount Everest, in the northeast of Nepal.He started working as a trekking guide in 1988 then specialized and became a tourist guide. He works in both English and French.

    His travels in Europe allowed him to appreciate our cultures and to become familiar with what our visitors like in the discovery of Nepal. Very knowledgeable about the history of Nepal, he charms those who travel with us. Tika has been part of the Alaya Holidays company since 2017.

  • Yum Bahadur Thapa

    Yum Bahadur Thapa

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