Alaya Holidays Team opens its doors and invites you into a natural and generous environment. Discover the richness of people, of places, and the wealth within you.

For Alaya Holidays, travel is quickened by the heart’s impulse to break away from the norm. It is a personal and intimate process of stopping somewhere unfamiliar, so we can live the unknown. Being away from our protective shelters evinces vulnerability and sensitivity. This awareness opens onto self-discovery and transformation. These journeys always leave traces that can influence our life for a very long time.

Based in Kathmandu, Nepal, our travel agency has specialized, for several years, in creating trips where each participant receives particular attention.

To encounter the unpredictable, participate in daily routines with the local population, discover the culture, create with artisans, walkthrough inspiring magnificent landscapes, savour the silence, meet with monks or Brahmins, experience new cuisine, be a special guest of a ceremony (birth, marriage, annual feasts)…these too are all part of travelling with Alaya Holidays.