Alaya is a Sanskrit word meaning “home” or “resting place”. It is also, according to one of the Tibetan Buddhist schools, a level of consciousness that leads in particular to fundamental happiness.
Traveling with Alaya Holidays is above all a human adventure and a meeting with oneself.

This family business is made up of Francophone and Anglophone Nepali women and men who are respected representatives of Nepali culture. This experienced and respectful team is committed to sharing their know-how and knowledge from the beginning to the end of their experience in the vastness of their small country.

Concerned about the environment and its populations, the team proposes tailor-made stays to meet these populations. Whether you are alone, with friends, with your family or with your children, whatever your age and physical condition, everything is conscientiously prepared for you to leave happy and enriched by this trip during which you took your time.

Alaya Holidays is committed to social and environmental commitment and works with like-minded partners. That’s why when traveling with our team you also contribute to the reconstruction in a Nepali village, the training of women, the planting of trees, the good care given to animals … in a concern of local economic development, lasting relationships and open awareness about present and future generations.

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We always make a special effort to assure your complete safety and comfort.


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We have 100% “Excellent” Reviews by our happy customers in TripAdvisor.


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Our trekking packages have reasonable prices enough to provide you with quality services.


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A trekkers’ paradise. Nepal Combines Himalayan views, golden temples in Nepal combines Himalayan views


Social Resposibility

We contribute 2% of our annual profit each year to non-profit organizations committed to social reforms.

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Guest Reviews

Je recommande Alaya Holidays sans aucun doute - pour leur professionnaliste, leur écoute, leur disponibilité a régler rapidement nos demandes! Une équipe hors pair qui travaille toujours avec sourire et passion.  Les points forts: 7jrs a Budhathum avec la famille Thapa, visite du village ...


A trip with Alaya Holidays is a discovery: a warm people with breathtaking mountain views. A family team available, the day to lighten our hikes to better enjoy and at night we warm the heart playing and singing Nepalese music. An experience in Nepal is more than a discovery is an inner transforma...

Linda Fortier,
quebec, Canada

Alaya Holidays offers a wide range of food and beverage services, such as food and beverage, or other special dietary requirements. for us. I had an excellent experience with Alaya Holidays in regards to that. ...

Kristina Bischoff,
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