Alaya is a Sanskrit word meaning “home” or “place of rest“. It is also according to one of the schools of Tibetan Buddhism a level of consciousness that leads particularly to fundamental happiness.

We, at Alaya Holidays, respect an ethical code and offer circuits that respect the environment and promote local economic development. we encourage travelers to be aware of the impact they may have on our communities. We ensure and respect the working conditions of local teams.

During the treks, we manage waste in order to leave the open spaces intact. Of course, we take care of each of our visitors and ensure they have an exceptional trip to the Himalayas.

Traveling with Alaya Holidays
is defined in three words


The routes, landscapes, visits, encounter, our English or French speaking guides and of course YOU are the components of an exceptional customized experience. Whether you want to reach Everest base camp or learn a craft immersed in a Nepalese village, the Alaya Holidays team will offer you an authentic, original stay in keeping with your physical abilities. If you are alone, with friends or family entrust us with your dreams and we will make them come true.


The Alaya Holidays team is made up of men and women who are keen to share their experience and knowledge from the beginning to the end of your stay. They are also concerned about your well being, satisfying all your wishes and needs.


Taking time is the Nepalese way of life. It also means learning to respect the ecosystem which Alaya Holidays supports together with local communities in the environment, In short, a commitment to the maintenance of diversity.

About the Founder


Namaste, I am Gokarna Singh Thapa.

I am an experienced professional and have been actively working in the Nepal tourism trade especially in Trekking and Tours in Nepal since 2012. I have good firsthand knowledge about the various Himalayan mountains, trekking destinations such as restricted area trekking, wilderness trekking, short trekking, panoramic view trekking, adventurous trekking and the usual and new trekking routes of Nepal.

I founded Alaya Holidays P. (Ltd.) in 2015. I was born and brought up in the Dhading District of the Himalayan region of Nepal. My father was an assistant for trekking agencies too, so I am proudly following him. we have put together a team of professionals who have firsthand knowledge about the Himalayan region. It has helped us to provide unique and high-quality service to satisfy our clients so that they can enjoy the pristine nature and culture.

Our Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

A trip with Alaya Holidays is a discovery: a warm people with breathtaking mountain views. A family team available, the day to lighten our hikes to better enjoy and at night we warm the heart playing and singing Nepalese music. An experience in Nepal is more than a discovery is an inner transforma...

Linda Fortier,
quebec, Canada

Alaya Holidays offers a wide range of food and beverage services, such as food and beverage, or other special dietary requirements. for us. I had an excellent experience with Alaya Holidays in regards to that. ...

Kristina Bischoff,

Traveling to Nepal with Alaya Holidays is a wonderful way to get along with friends and family. Nepali culture, whether through visits, conversations, food, and dancing. All of this, along with the joy and goodness of the team, and the beautiful landscapes to admire the balm for our bodies, hearts,...

Julie Morrow,